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Nowadays, White Tiles can be found in many homes because covering the kitchen or bathroom with White Tiles is an elegant and easy way to add space to any room. The typical kitchen tiles have evolved and although the chosen model is usually the white kitchen tile, you can choose any style of tile to cover the kitchen of our house.

Thanks to its neutral tonality, White Tile fits perfectly in any room. It is also an easy way to add spaciousness and light to tiny spaces. Whether it is a glossy or a matte white tile, our bathroom or kitchen will look brighter and more spacious.

White Tiles in the kitchen or bathroom can be perfectly combined with other whites or colored tiles. Modern designers offer you a wide selection of White Tiles for wall coverings with white ceramic and other finishes.

In today's market, you will find white textured tiles to cover the living room, kitchen, and bathroom walls. Besides, you can also find a wide range of ceramic models that you can combine with glossy white tiles or with matt white tiles. In the field of White Tiles, there are countless models and formats for cladding bathroom, living room, and kitchen walls.

Metro Style, From Past To Present

A few years ago, beveled white tiles were common, characterized by a slightly beveled edge. The classic style is still being manufactured, but the number of this type of beveled tiles is becoming less and less, except for white beveled subway tiles, which are very fashionable. In today's market, there are almost only white tiles with a straight edge or with an almost negligible slope.

This type of tile became very popular in New York at the beginning of the last century, as many subway stations were equipped with these subway tiles, and today they are a trend in many kitchens and bathrooms when it comes to covering the walls.

Cleanliness Comes From White

In our homes, there are areas such as the kitchen or bathroom where we worry about the dirt on the walls or moisture due to their use. White kitchen tiles not only add brightness but also improve hygiene and make it easier to clean the walls since they can be wiped with a simple cloth.

The same goes for white porcelain tiles in the bathroom, which not only allow for better cleaning but also prevent moisture stains on the walls. White textured tiles are also very useful if you want to combine them either with another white coating with some kind of decoration or with another tile in a different color or product.
The finish of the white kitchen or bathroom tiles is determined by our taste because it is very personal to choose between a glossy white tile or a matte white tile.

Expand Your Room With Your Choice

When it comes to the placement of the tiles, you can choose between two options, vertical and horizontal. The horizontal being the most common, although a vertical layout gives the room a more minimalist and elegant touch. Within both layouts, there are also different ways to install the wall tiles.

In rooms where cleaning is a major concern, a white coating is of great importance if you are choosing between different models or tiles with different characteristics. Moreover, white coatings in bathrooms or kitchens always give us a clean look compared to other types of tiles.

Finally, cheap white tiles are available at an affordable price, so it is a good option to use them as cladding for interiors. Furthermore, with White Tiles, you can increase the brightness of your room and get all the benefits of ceramic without spending a lot of money.

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