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The development in tile manufacturing has led to many incredible designs that were not possible even a few years ago. The world is changing with a rapid pace and the trends in fashion are changing as well. One of the designs that has been possible thanks to modern technology are brick effect tiles. Now, what are brick effect tiles and why you might have to incorporate it in your home design or on your commercial buildings walls or floors.


Bricks used to be the staples of home construction materials and were used widely throughout history. Not that there were great alternatives to use instead of them, but they could give the building a great view though their durability and practicality was more important than their other features. After the development in technology of construction materials, soon other materials replaced bricks due to their ease of maintenance and other benefits which made them easier to be applied and incorporated in the buildings. But none of them could replicate the intricate looks that came with bricks. While being first made in the Philippines, the emergence of brick effect tiles felt like a breath of fresh air, as they could replicate the looks of actual bricks without making you deal with all the problems and challenges that came with real bricks. Very soon after, they gained worldwide popularity and became some of the most sought after designs in the tile world. This year, brick effect tiles have become trendier than ever while becoming the favorites of many designers and many people are gravitating towards them day after day.

What Are Brick Effect Tiles

Brick effect tile is the new invention in the world of tiles, which creates the illusion of a bare brick wall where there is not one. Brick tiles are used for the ease of installation and flexibility, while being aesthetically appealing. Brick effect tiles are one of the incredible designs that are basically made by cutting thin slices of bricks from a clay brick. They manage to look literally the same as the real ones; as a matter of fact, pretty indistinguishable from the full sized kin. There are many applications for them, as you can install them on the walls or floors as the primary coverings of the surface, or since they look aesthetically appealing, you can incorporate them in your decoration. There are many advantages to using brick effect tiles which we will discuss in depth.

They Simply Look Astonishing

These tiles can give your walls a very unique and eye-catching look which makes them very visible once anyone lays his eyes on them. If you want to make a style statement with any room in the house, look no further! They aim to replicate the look of a brick wall and surprisingly, can do the job to the absolute perfection. Not only can they recreate how brick walls look, but they can also replicate their surface and how their texture feels. All of these features result in a very authentic and classy look which can add to the general looks of your space and once you have them installed, you will not be able to have enough of them.

They Are Cost Efficient

There are two main aspects to talk about here. First, they are very easy to install and the process of installation will not cost you that much. Secondly, thanks to their manufacturing technology, you can purchase them even with a low budget which basically allows you to have a very expensive looking house without costing a hefty amount of money.

They Are Easy to Maintain

Unlike the real bricks which could cause a headache once you opt for doing maintenance on them, Brick Effect Wall Tiles are extremely easy to clean and maintain. Unlike many of their counterparts, you do not need to apply coating to brick units. You can even paint them if you want a new look on your walls. A simple mop and dusting with warm water can do the job for you. It basically helps you to save a lot of time!

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