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Non-slip Outdoor Tiles have great decorative potential. Available in different sizes, colors and shapes, they adapt easily to any space. It is possible to vary and personalize the decoration of your landscaping. They are also ecological products that imitate several materials, including cement, wood and stone. Due to the excellent chromatic stability, they can keep their original colors for several years.

How to choose your outdoor floor tiles?

The installation of tiles on your outdoor floors has many advantages, whether it is for your terrace, your balcony or to cover the edges of your swimming pool. Not only is a tiled surface easy to maintain, but it is also resistant to shocks and bad weather.

Standards to consider

This is one of the first criteria that you should consider when choosing a Non-slip Outdoor Tile. This element is essential if you wish to protect yourself from any physical accident.


This is indicated by the R rating, which defines the degree of adhesion of the tiles. Choose tiles with a minimum R10 rating to avoid any risk of slipping. You can also choose a Non-Slip Outdoor Tile model with an R9 rating for a sheltered terrace.

Regarding the budget, if you wish to install a paved outdoor terrace, for example, its price depends on its surface but also on the choice of materials. If you have decided to lay the tiles by yourself, don't forget to add to your bill the price of the mortar for gluing, the spacers and the mortar for the joints.

In any case, don't hesitate to ask for advice from a specialized retailer or an experienced tiler. Our team will be able to advise you on the best alternative for your space.

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