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Mirrors are actively used in the decoration of rooms. They make it visually more spacious, bright, take notes of luxury, charm. Observing the popularity of mirror elements, tile manufacturers began to produce mirror samples. They can be floor-mounted, wall-mounted, or ceiling-mounted. The use of Mirror Tiles instantly transforms the interior, making it unique and memorable.

Mirror Tiles are an option to cover large or small wall spaces. They fit well into a small budget and do not require a trained technician for installation. You can change the look of a room or hallway in one afternoon by covering part or all the wall with beveled mirror tiles. Using Mirror Tiles can give the room a nice retro look. A great advantage of using mirror wall tiles is that mirrors help a small space appear larger.

On the walls, you can add artistic flair to your living room by incorporating Mirror Tiles. Place the tiles on the wall in a certain design or create geometric figures. The result is a unique wall art with a contemporary twist. Or create an accent wall by applying mirror tile to the entire extent of the wall. Add drama to a room and double the visual square footage of the space.

Using mirrored tiles instead of other tiles, you transform your bathroom into a piece of art deco show. The glamor effect makes the room look bigger and more stylish. The standard Mirror Tile is rectangular. Although there are also square variants, if you consider limited collections or individual elements, this material can have any shape.

This tile is widely used in the bathroom and kitchen, which is associated with its resistance to moisture and ease of cleaning. As a rule, the premises are trimmed with tiles, which can be supplemented with a mirror. Placing the latter diagonally creates an illusion of deep space. If the room is also small in height, then the mirror material will help to raise the ceiling and expand the area.

Mirror Tiles decoration can also create a more intimate and honey atmosphere with large rooms. To do this, glossy tiles are laid in combination with other materials, avoiding the installation of a single mirror design. Tiles in the form of rhombuses and rectangles are best suited for the visual expansion of rooms, but they will not look advantageously placed in the center of the composition. For the heart of a mirror composition, it is better to choose a square, circle or oval, and frame it with rectangular or triangular tiles.

Products with a mirror effect are suitable for most interior styles. Besides, a reflective surface is great for both bathrooms and kitchens but also for other areas of the home, you can use them in a narrow hallway to create the illusion of more space, a dark alcove in a living room to create a feature or even above the fireplace instead of a mirror. A deliberately aged tile fits perfectly in most rooms in the classic version.
Ceiling elements can be used to visually enhance a low ceiling. Usually, they are mounted in the centre of the ceiling and complemented by multi-tiered structures, or they can be put over the entire ceiling surface and equipped along with lighting systems.

Furthermore, if a small room cannot boast of high ceilings, Mirror Tiles will come to the rescue. Such a reception is good in the living room or bedroom. It is enough to arrange the material of the central part of the ceiling and correctly adjust the lighting. Moreover, Mirror Tiles can add warmth and depth to any room in a home. You can create an eye-catching design with Mirror Tiles, they catch the light and really open up a space.

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