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Bevelled tiles are often referred to as Metro Tiles because, in the early part of the last century, subway stations in major world cities such as Paris, London, and New York were faced with this type of tile. This Metro Tile fell in love with the public areas more than 100 years ago and then leaped into interior design. They represent style, light, and timelessness. Today, they are still very popular in interior design studios around the world. They can be combined with many styles and with the current colors, you can go from classic, rustic, art deco, industrial to contemporary.

This type of coating has earned it the popular name of subway tiles among the years, which can be found in many historical places and give us a beautiful industrial design. If you like the vintage effect in environments but are updated with today's pieces that meet all the requirements to bring comfort to the room, the classic metro tile is for you. Furthermore, nowadays you can find cheap metro tiles with great aesthetic characteristics to suit all your needs, with a great modern design.

Another idea you can add to your inspiration list to modernize Metro Tile is to match it in multiple shades of the same color. Modern designers suggest playing in neutral and earth tones, which adds even more volume and dimension than if used in a single tone. Pink, lemon yellow, and blue are the most vibrant and daring colors. They are the ones that manage to revive the traditional retro style of the white subway. Just as pastels make rooms feel romantic and retro, the more vibrant colors add modernity and sophistication.

Moreover, the black color in these tiles is elegant, sophisticated, and charismatic. It is a color so powerful that only the most attractive use it for decoration. It indeed has the peculiarity of darkening the rooms, so you should know how to use it. When they are well placed, the effect is shocking. The black metro tile is also one of the most used tiles for the walls of bathrooms and toilets. This is an example of the successful use of such an eye-catching color and how the walls become protagonists with this tile in its original beveled shape in a matte finish.

On the other hand, the characteristic horizontal cut of the Metro Tile serves as inspiration for a more sober model, where the volume and the bevel disappear. With a matt or glossy finish, the current collections are a proposal with a minimal vocation, available in different formats, for a wide range of installation options.

Another use for this type of subway tiles 10×20 cm with bevel glossy white, widely used lately, are the counters of the bars, or even the kitchen or the front of the bar. As you can see, it is a very functional tile with endless possibilities.

At first, they went unnoticed, but the fashions and the different waves of interior design have highlighted the usefulness and originality of these tiles. One of the ways to update your subway tiles is to install them.

Originally, they were laid horizontally, with the lines of their edges offset so that they did not coincide in a row and the one immediately above and below. But one of the ways to modernize this cladding is to "flip" them on the wall.

In addition, in recent years we have seen many innovations in terms of formats and colors. Manufacturers usually offer a wide range of colors. You can find rectangular, square, and even hexagonal metro tiles. The finishes are usually glossy, although new trending finishes have been arising to create new atmospheres.

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