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The kitchen is known to many designers as the heart of the house. When it comes to design and decoration, you should choose designs that always look beautiful and attractive in any situation. Therefore, using White Kitchen Tiles can be the best option for many modern apartment houses. In fact, the safest color to decorate the kitchen design so that in the future there will be no problems in terms of coordination with other appliances and rooms, is white. In this article, you will get acquainted with new and attractive designs of white tiles kitchen, which are a great source of inspiration.

As you know, white is a neutral color that is synonymous with simplicity, cleanliness and a hundred elites of beauty. An all-white space can be decorated in any style, from modern and minimalist designs to classic and traditional. But in the kitchen, just choosing white tiles is not enough for the kitchen design, the shape of the tiles is extremely impressive in the final appearance of the kitchen. In the following, we will introduce some examples of the most famous and popular models of White Kitchen Tiles.

Metro Tiles

Subway tiles have been one of the most popular tile models for a long time. These tiles, as their name suggests, date back to the early 1900s. Subway tiles have been well received since their introduction and have remained popular ever since. These tiles have a wide variety of designs and colors and are therefore very suitable for those who are interested in creative designs. Some have a texture, some are prominent and some have small cracks that give the tile a classic, old-fashioned look. Just like we see in the old subways of industrial and big cities.

3D Tiles

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, white kitchen tile models have a wide variety of designs, so that every two or three years we see the presence of attractive and new models. 3D tiles have found a lot of fans as they show a smooth and simple surface. Three-dimensional white tiles with different textures in different tonnages create a complex and very special mood in the kitchen. The best place to use these tiles is in the wall between cabinets. Especially if this wall is large, the impact of these tiles will reach its limit.

Mini Mosaic Tiles

Another new model introduced in White Kitchen Tiles are mini mosaic tiles. Working with these tiles is very simple. Since these tiny tiles are glued together in several panels, all you have to do is stick each of these panels to the wall and apply the grout.

Antique Design Tiles

Antique design tiles are mainly made of pieces of natural stone as well as marble; these tiles, when used in a semi-raised arrangement, create an organic look on the wall. The overall look of the kitchen with such tiles is neutral but attractive, especially when using brown wooden cabinets.

Hexagonal Tiles

Hexagonal tiles are one of the most beautiful models of White Kitchen Tiles. You can put these tiles together in different shades of white to make your kitchen look extremely stylish and flexible. Any kitchen that uses these tiles can be easily set with any style and arrangement. In order for the polygonal pattern of these tiles to show themselves better, it is better to choose a slightly darker slurry color so that the tiles show themselves better.

Simple Square Tiles

And finally we come to the last option of White Kitchen Tiles which are simple square tiles. These tiles have a lot of fans because they are much cheaper than other models. To add a little charm to these tiles, you can use glossy models with glass coating that have more shine than ordinary tiles. Also, the color of dark slurry can make the appearance of these tiles more attractive. If you have a small kitchen, installing these tiles will make the kitchen space look bigger.

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