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If there is a practical and functional coating for spaces such as the bathroom and kitchen where there are wet areas, it is ceramic and porcelain stoneware. It's tough, waterproof, easy to maintain, and clean, plus it boasts an endless repertoire of designs to choose from.

Color Palette For Kitchen Wall Tiles

In the world of ceramics and tile coverings, color is one of the most used resources when designing, especially for Kitchen Wall Tiles. You will find so many models, and in so many color ranges, that it is convenient to focus your attention. When choosing, think of a range that you are passionate about and stick with it. It will be a good formula to avoid saturating the environment with too many shades.

Monochromatic Effects In Kitchen Tiles

Nowadays, it is not advisable to fill your bathroom or kitchen with tiles of many different shades. It is preferable to go for a monochrome effect and choose a single color. This provides a more comfortable and pleasant environment to your kitchen.

It can be white, especially if the space is not too large, or a dark tone if your bathroom or kitchen has enough square meters and natural light. Be that as it may, being moderate when choosing the colors of the tiles is a sure hit.

Combining The Pieces For The Kitchen Wall

Kitchen tiles walls decorated with geometric motifs can be very elegant and modern, as long as it is counteracted with smooth pieces on the floor, for example.

If your wall is covered with decorated tiles, then choose a smooth floor to balance the whole. As for the colors, opt for a tone present in the patterned pieces and bet on it for the smooth ones. A mix of different sizes and formats can be achieved. Moreover, using different formats, within the same series of tiles, is an excellent way to add dynamism to the space without breaking the harmony.

The pieces can share, for example, the same color to unify the final result. Choose two or three different formats and sizes and combine them on the walls and the floor. Choosing the most suitable wall tiles for the kitchen can be difficult due to the number of options in the current market, but it can have amazing results. Glossy, matte, or satin: These are the three most common finishes in terms of ceramics, although in recent times new shades have been created.

A good idea is to combine two different finishes for wall tiles in the kitchen space, as long as the functionality of the materials is not compromised. That is, for the flooring it will be better to choose a matte floor that is non-slip, while for the kitchen walls tiles with a glossy finish may be easier to clean.

Aesthetics must be put at the service of functionality and not the other way around. For this reason, kitchen wall tiles in the UK are of great importance when designing a home.

Modern Trends In Kitchen Wall Tiles

Rectangular subway tiles do not lose their validity for Kitchen Wall Tiles applications. They began to be used in the New York subway since a resistant, durable, and easy-to-maintain material was required. For these same qualities, they are a benchmark in kitchens and bathrooms. In addition to practicality, subway tiles add elegance and a touch that continues to be cosmopolitan. Choose them in white or black; both options are equally captivating. In addition, they combine beautifully with other coatings, materials, and designs.

On the other hand, if you are passionate about natural stone surfaces and you want the elegance of marble for your kitchen, do not hesitate and choose ceramic wall tiles that imitate these types of materials.

There are models of incredible fidelity that provide you with the security and guarantees of porcelain stoneware. You can find marble, granite, slate, concrete, and many others. Furthermore, you will find versions of all these materials so that you can enjoy their beauty with the qualities of an off-road coating.

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