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The main purpose of the Splashback Tiles is to use them in kitchens because they provide an easy-to-clean surface so that stains or splatters, such as cooking oil splashes. Moreover, backsplashes can also add great style and color to a space.

Splashback Tiles For Kitchens

Backsplash Tiles range from ones that are large enough to extend a little beyond the stove or sink to a kind of backsplash that continues around the kitchen. An extended type of backsplash can add a cohesive look to a small kitchen. For a large kitchen, a single backsplash can be a spectacular focal point. Having a focal point, such as an interesting pattern or color scheme, can draw attention to a certain kitchen feature, such as a glass sink or stainless-steel stove.

The backsplashes should coordinate with the style of the kitchen they are in. For example, a glossy ceramic tile backsplash is perfect for a modern kitchen but is likely to look out of place in kitchens decorated in a more rustic, dated style. Hand-painted and unglazed tiles can add a quaint charm to a backsplash, while materials like stainless steel and stone tend to create a different atmosphere.

There are many options when it comes to kitchen backsplash tiles. While most people tend to go for ceramic tile, there are other great options available as well. The first step in choosing the right backsplash for your kitchen is understanding your budget.

Splashback Tiles Installation

Ceramic and porcelain tile are the easiest to install without the help of a contractor. Since many of these designs come in large sheets that can simply be attached to a wall, little effort is required on the owner's part. If cost is not a concern, then there are many tile materials to choose from, although most of them will need to be installed by a professional contractor.

Apart from ceramic and porcelain tiles, glass and stone tiles are becoming more and more popular. Stone tiles are a natural option that will work well with any stone countertop. Stone tiles can come in the form of limestone, granite, and even small pebbles that stick out of a wall. Stunning and unique textured stone backsplash tiles are an idea not to be overlooked.

Similarly, glass tiles make a great statement. These tiles will create a modern kitchen feel that appeals to many homeowners. Glass tiles backsplash come in several different colors and shapes. Since glass tiles are largely translucent, the strategic placement of these tiles will allow natural or artificial light to shine through creating an ethereal glow.

Splashback Mosaic Tiles

Mosaics are a popular choice due to the range of colors and styles available. A mosaic is a grouping of mosaics, often made of glass, stone, or a combination of the two, arranged in a pattern and attached to a piece of mesh. Furthermore, this helps the tile adhesive to the wall faster and ensures a uniform pattern.

Splashback Glass Tile

Do your best in a glass tile backsplash. A painted glass panel on the back provides a seamless splash guard surface. Many glass suppliers can match the background paint color with other existing colors to achieve a consistent kitchen look.

Since most glass is non-porous, this material is very easy to clean and keep clean. You can also find glass tile in mosaic and subway shapes, making it easy to add a touch of sparkling reflection to your backsplash.

Splashback Arabesque Tile

Arabesque tiles are a great twist on the classic white tile kitchen backsplash. These ceramic tiles mimic a simplified damask pattern and add softness with curved bulbs within the shape. While white tiles with the white grout are a nice basic feature, arabesque tiles are also available in different colors and materials.

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