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Among the most popular materials for covering floors and walls in the home are tiles, especially white tiles. White tiles are characterized by their great versatility, as they can be installed in all rooms of the house, with a wide variety of materials, sizes, and shapes.

The tiles are also easy to install, although it is always advisable to call in a professional. In addition, their price is affordable for all needs, their cleaning and maintenance are simple, and they have a long life.

White Floor Tiles For The Kitchen Floor

Within the range of optimal colors for decorating the kitchen floor, the white color of the tiles continues to be one of those that are spoiled for their luminosity and brightness, without forgetting the purity and freshness that it exudes.

White Floor Tiles are easy to maintain, perfectly withstand the temperatures in the kitchen, and are easy to clean from grease and food stains. These tiles also make the kitchen look more spacious than it is. They can be installed both on the walls and on the floor, which can gain shine and texture depending on the type of tile you choose.

White Floor Tiles In The Bathroom

White Floor Tiles in the bathroom offer the same advantages as in the kitchen in terms of lighting, size, and resistance. Among the other advantages of this material is that the tiles are anti-static, so you avoid certain discharges when you touch the metals of the taps in the bathroom.

Since ceramic tiles have a very compact surface, they create an optimal environment for the prevention of microorganisms, the presence of which can cause allergies, if they are not cleaned as often as necessary.

Different Sizes And Formats Of White Tiles

The variety of tile models that we can find for the floors in the living room and other living spaces refers not only to the materials but also to the different formats and sizes that enrich the decoration of the rooms.

Square, rectangular, hexagonal, octagonal, they all offer a wide range of very attractive combinations. Rectangular tiles are the most common. The most characteristic example of these white tiles is called subway style, a name that comes from the design of the New York subway cladding at the beginning of the 20th century.

White Floor Tiles Trends

Large format white floor tiles are a trend. The large surface area of the tile provides a uniform design and decoration and avoids the visibility of grout lines as much as possible, making the room look cleaner and more spacious at the same time.

3D or volume tiles are also in demand this year. The surface of the volume tiles is very smooth and shiny and achieves very interesting effects in the decoration, allowing the wall to become the protagonist of the design.

These tiles are ideal to give an original touch to the decoration of floors and walls, both in the kitchen and in the bathroom, giving them a fascinating vintage charm, regardless of whether they are designed in a modern style.

On the other hand, matte white floor tiles have been a trend in recent years, due to modern designers’ ideas. Thanks to its non-reflective surface, this tile fits perfectly into the interior of absolutely any kitchen and creates an atmosphere of comfort and appeasement. With a successful selection of tile and furniture color scheme, even the simplest kitchen can look expensive and presentable.

Moreover, the combination of black and white in tiles is ideal for decorating contemporary kitchens or bathrooms with a modern or minimalist trend, thanks to their sobriety and elegance. If you have surfaces with these characteristics, you can accessorize them with accent colors to highlight them with charm.

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