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The floor is a truthful representative of your personality and taste in art and design, and therefore, what covers its surface should be picked with much care and focus. Tiles for floor once became trendy decades ago, and unlike many trends that come and fade away, they stood by and never went out of fashion. There are plenty which makes them the admired choice of many people and interior or exterior designers; while they come in vast varieties which results in aesthetically appealing and eye-catching looks. Tiles are simply some of the most functional materials you can find that can handle the daily wear and tear that happen due to the daily use. Another obstacle appears after settling for tiles; what design you should go with, as there are literally thousands of options to pick from and it is never easy. Here we are to introduce you to the large and fascinating world of patterned floor tiles and how each of them can elevate a dull looking room and turn it into a place of attraction, a place you simply cannot forget.

How They Look

Now with all the culture behind them, patterned tiles could instantly brighten a dull room and be the antidote to a lifeless regular tile. As the interior designers say, nothing competes with patterned tiles when you want to make a room stand out. They could help you define the room and make a style statement and add a niche sentiment to the walls and floor of your place. No matter what room you want them in, they allow it to take the breath of guests away and represent a highly remarkable and memorable look that can stay in anyone’s mind for a long time. They look utterly beautiful and original which can showcase a unique yet authentic personality.

Importance in History

Patterned tiles have been around for ages. In ancient times, notably in eastern cultures from the Ottoman Empire to Iran, they were not just some coverings for the walls or floor. Patterned tiles were a form of art, a rather respected and popular one which were used in the most important places in the country, including all the mosques or palaces. In the west however, things were not that much different. The emergence of Spanish tiles, Moroccan tiles, Italian tiles and even the Victorian tiles, were nothing but revolutionary. The fascinating part is that many of these historic designs are used even today and some are even trendy and popular, which shows you the timelessness and meticulous designs of patterned tiles.
Although there are hundreds of different designs that come with patterned tiles, there are some important patterns that you need to get familiar with. So let’s introduce you to some of them:


Victorian tiles are reminiscent of the historic Victorian era, which spans from 1860 to the early 1900. Being named after Queen Victoria, the style is famous for its romanticism, opulence, ornamentation and embellishments using bold colors and patterns. Due to their striking geometric patterns and vibrant designs, Victorian tiles can add classic and romantic elements to any space and bring it elegance and glamour.


Moroccan tiles are known as ‘the prince of tile history’. Their origin dates back to the 10th century. They have a distinctive look and thanks to their eye-catching color combinations and breathtaking patterns, they do wonders for any room. While enjoying a deep history behind them, their evolution got completed throughout time and more colors and more complex patterns were added to the mix which resulted in the delicate Moroccan tiles which are reminiscent of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.


These magnificent tiles’ birth dates back to centuries ago, and by the 17th century, their popularity rose exponentially and as a result, they were exported to numerous other countries. Spanish tiles are handmade and therefore, each tile unit is one of a kind. They come with very intriguing color combinations and shapes. The use of pattern in them is just something to behold, as their geometric patterns resemble the baroque churches and palaces of Spain.

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