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Nowadays, a vast number of options arise to fulfill every type of tiles requirement, this is the case of tiles for floor applications. To guide your choice of floor tiles, you need to be aware of a few details to meet your expectations. On the one hand, the flooring must be functional, non-slip, and resistant, depending on the use of the room in which it will be installed. On the other hand, it must please the eye and match the decorative style. This is the case with the Grey Floor Tiles, which have been trendy for many years.

In flooring, the preference of tiles over other elements is determined by their performance characteristics. Ceramic and porcelain stoneware are more durable, solid, waterproof, resistant to stains, hygienic, and easy to clean, both compared to natural materials. In addition, Grey Floor Tiles require less day-to-day care and less routine maintenance than delicate materials such as wood and Cotto.

A tiled floor can be laid in damp areas such as the bathroom and kitchen, in outdoor spaces, and even on surfaces subjected to heavy loads such as walkways or garages. In addition to the bathroom and kitchen, the rest of the parts of the house can also be paved with gray porcelain floor tile or stoneware. Moreover, the hall, the living room, and the bedrooms can be transformed with the use of grey tones.

The assortment of floor tiles from the modern collections gives maximum freedom to inventiveness. Indeed, both the colored tiles from the classic black, white, gray, and beige to all the colors of the spectrum, with their infinite nuances. As tiles similar to natural or construction materials, such as wood, marble, stone, metal, cement, Cotto, face brick, and Venetian terrazzo, constitute an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the flooring of the interior of the home.

Grey Tiles For Floors Of Many Formats

In addition to endless colors, the current catalog proposes a wide variety of tile formats for pavement. Mosaic, small, medium, and large tiles are combined to give dynamism to a too uniform surface. In many cases, the customer tends to follow the manufacturer's recommendation regarding the tile size.

Modern designer grey ceramic and porcelain tiles are available in a variety of tile sizes and shapes, with solid or toned colors. Large or very large formats, three-dimensional surfaces, mosaics with original textures, rich decorations, various imitation material effects add an essential but high-impact style to the spaces.

Greyscale Tiles

Today, minimalist bathrooms have gained prominence in the latest bathrooms, so if you like this trend, betting on tiles in different grays will be the perfect option. You can mix larger tiles with smaller ones. In this way, you can mix it minimalist with gray tiles, with a touch of fun. As in the rest of the combinations, the dynamism of the bathroom can be given by the different sizes of the tiles. And if it sounds boring, add color to the furniture and accessories.

Elegance And Sobriety In Grey Tiles

It is a very modern color, associated with high technology, the industrial and urban habitat, elegant and balanced, also in the interaction with the other colors, both in the coatings and in the decoration. In addition, this floor tile in grey is causing a lot of excitement around the world in contrast to previous styles.

The neutral and the sober are entering homes, bringing serenity to minimalist environments. It is a color that combines wonderfully with many others, so it can be perfect in designs of different styles of decoration. Moreover, with the grey tiles, a refined and minimalist elegance covers both the day and night areas and the outdoor spaces.

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