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As it was half a century ago, the floor tile has once again become an integral part of home furnishings. Even though for many years this material was a traditional covering for rooms, today it represents a solution for interior and exterior decoration.

Black Floor Tiles are always up to date, especially in the modern world. They fit well into classic and modern interiors. A room decorated with such tiles looks elegant and prestigious. The color scheme is universal. It is also suitable as a background for sparkling accessories. If you try to design everything skillfully and do not overlook the smallest details, these tiles can create a wonderful corner, where it is pleasant to have space.

As for the decor of the apartment, there are considerations about the material and color. If you combine practical and esthetic components, the black tile is a good solution. They can be used on almost any surface, including walls, ceilings, and floors.

Black Tiles For Your Indoor And Outdoor Area

The black color for floors is considered modern, elegant and sophisticated. In a room, black ceramic or porcelain flooring highlights the shapes and colors of floors, furniture, and decorative accessories. Black Floor Tiles are therefore an excellent basis for the design of the entire space, inside and outside: this applies to the home, but also shops, offices, and public buildings. The proposals of the modern catalog offer a wide scope for creative maneuvers, not least thanks to the wide range of proposed formats: small, medium, large, and very large black tiles.

Modern Combinations With The Use Of Black Floor Tiles

Nowadays, you can opt for an all-black solution: black floor and black tiles as wall cladding. Or you can modulate black by combining it with tiles in other colors: on the one hand the classic white and gray, but also purple, sky blue, navy blue, green, and red. Or you can use black tiles only for certain details, as a counterpoint to the dominant shade of the tiles. Black suits both classic and modern styles: in the living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom.

Black tiles may seem like an extreme choice, but in fact, absolute black is only found in some of the classic collections. Thus, especially in the porcelain stoneware collections, the chromatic density of black tiles is softened by the imitation of marble and wood veins, by the shades of cement and Cotto, by the iridescence of the metallic effect. The type of texture of the tiles is another element that softens the homogeneity of the color: that is, not only matte or glossy black tiles, but also irregular and grainy surfaces such as stoneware or facing bricks.

Black Tile Types For Floors

All black tiles recommended for floors are usually divided into smooth and raised. The first varieties do not have a pronounced surface topography, this is the traditional version, which is cheaper. Relief tiles often have the texture of natural materials such as wood, stone, metal, and convex ornaments. This version is more expensive because to produce relief special equipment and complex multi-stage processing are used.

Natural materials rarely have a uniform color, so a little flare is allowed. Brightness is more widespread, reflects light well, and widens the space. If the windows face the sunny side, such a coating creates an unpleasant glare to the eye. Stains, dust, and drops are visible, so they must be carefully removed. A sober, matte coating looks sleeker, absorbs light well, and is easier to maintain. It is less prone to slipping.

Furthermore, a special place is occupied by black tiles with an anti-slip effect. Such a surface is less slippery than a polished one. This is convenient because you cannot limit your speed when walking on the polished floor.

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