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The fireplace is an amazing and charming part of the house, where the whole family and guests are happy to spend time. Its presence increases the mood and brings calm, relieves fatigue, and establishes philosophical harmony, allows you to feel protected and at peace. For this reason, Fireplace Tiles are essential to complement this pleasant environment.

In addition to being a practical and functional element of the home, a fireplace is also a decorative object that is generally used as a focal point, directing the eye to that particular position in the entire room.

Decorated with multi-colored tiles, the Fireplace Tile surround will become the semantic center of your room. It means that other light elements in the living room environment that could compete with the decorated fireplace must be selected carefully. Each of them can be placed on a catchy subject, which will become the semantic center.

If the fireplace, completely designed with tiles and resembling a real stove, seems to be too exotic, you can slightly diversify the bright decorative tiles of the home with the traditional design. It is not necessary to tile the fireplace over the entire area, you can simply decorate it in the center or from the sides with several tiles. Also, tiles can look stylish around the fireplace on the wall, forming a kind of frame.

For modern interiors, it is customary to choose smooth relief tiles that can be dark, light, or bright depending on the specifics of your design. In this case, the emphasis is on relief, but it should be minimal.
Besides, bright painted tiles can be used in a country-style or eclectic interior. At the same time, it is possible to lay patterns on the surface of the fireplace with tiles of different colors, which will make it possible to focus on unusual concrete tiles. The brightest models that you want to highlight can be placed on a light or dark background.

In the current modern collections, you can find tiles for every taste and budget. Traditionally, they were made by hand and the paint on each tile was unique. This is a very elegant decoration, so you should choose the tiles with all the details. Since the tiles attract a lot of attention to themselves, it is very important that the surface has the correct relief and that it is painted qualitatively.

Although decorative fireplace tiles have long been considered an exclusively traditional style feature, modern tiles in all their diversity lend themselves to a wide variety of types and styles of interiors.

Besides, hearth tiles for the fireplace can also look elegant in a classic interior. Fireplace hearth tiles highlight more if they are chosen in bright and solid colors. Tiles with complex images can also be suitable, but they should be few so that they stand out from the general background and do not look too colorful. Additionally, you can find the slate hearth tiles to make the focal point of the room and improve safety over tiles.

For the colonial style, tiles with oriental paint can fit. Dark tiles always look quite restrained and elegant, and the refined pattern will be a highlight of the interior. Elegant tiles with ornamental designs and images of mythical creatures will perfectly fit into the romantic atmosphere of the space in the colonial style.

In an eclectic style, you can combine modern elements of decor with traditional tiles. At the same time, for the design to look fresh and interesting, not only the contrasts between the different elements are important, but also the characteristics that unite them. For example, the color scheme of the tiles and the room decor can match, or you can repeat the tile patterns on the tile. Furthermore, for Fireplace Tiles, we have many imitations, textures, and different tile finishes to choose the one that best suits your decorative ideas.

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