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Today, floors covered with Encaustic Tiles or encaustic cement are very common in places of great importance. This wonderful material can create unique and personal spaces and is still fashionable due to its impressive quality. Modern designers strive every day to recover the taste for beautiful things, for old designs, for things well done, for the value of a handmade piece, taking care of all the details.

Encaustic Tiles have been in use since medieval times and reached the peak of popularity in the 1800s. At that time an English company became a supplier of wall and floor tiles, which were installed in palaces, churches, and public buildings. Currently, there are fabulous ideas and designs of floors covered with Encaustic Tiles combining them with modern trends.

Add Value To Your Spaces

Encaustic Tile flooring ideas are one way to add a truly special feature to your home decor. They can be used for fascinating and unique kitchen backsplashes, for gorgeous and original floor designs, as well as in bathroom decor and special accents. Tiles are an ideal furnishing material, as they hide all imperfections in floors and wall surfaces and create an accent in the design of the whole house.

As with any material used for interior design and decoration, many designs and ideas are using Encaustic Tile to achieve the effect you want. This depends on which room you want to use the tiles in, how you will be working with the overall design concept, the interior color scheme, and whether you want to blend them into the overall color palette or add a contrasting color.

In modern designs, Encaustic Tile tends to transform monochromatic spaces with an infusion of color and patterns, especially when paired with the classic simplicity of the subway or domino tile.

Strong As A Rock

Encaustic Tiles are frost-proof and can be used for outdoor applications while the use of encaustic cement tiles in areas with freezing and extremely low temperatures will damage them. Cement tiles are a good option for areas with Mediterranean or tropical climates. You can find precast concrete tiles that have been made frost-proof and suitable for outdoor applications.

Encaustic Tiles are unique, and even if a tile splinters the body underneath will still have the same color. Their properties make them resistant to wear and tear and will withstand various conditions, humidity, and high traffic. They are ideal for the busiest and most visited areas of the home and are designed for foot traffic and wet areas. Additionally, these tiles are low maintenance, which facilitates general spring cleaning.

Moreover, Encaustic Tiles are becoming very popular for their unique look, excellent quality, and the opportunity to add character and style to walls and floors. When choosing your model of Encaustic Tile, you should consider that the handmade ones are more fragile than those that are not handmade. Therefore, you are much more likely to find hydraulically encapsulated tiles in showrooms than handmade ones.
This type of tile has introduced its take on trends, so you can instantly transform your rooms into high fashion. From stylized flowers to geometry, some collections combine the low-maintenance durability of glazed porcelain tile with the versatility of six cool patterns.

Born From The Ashes

From the floors of 12th-century European monasteries to the walls of Mediterranean villas to the fireplaces of Victorian homes, Encaustic Tiles hold an iconic place in design history. Considering our cultural affections, it's no wonder these modeled beauties are on the brink of a rebirth. Today, growing in homes, restaurants, spas, terraces, and hotels, these tiles effortlessly transform spaces with their old-world charm, nostalgic appeal, and new-school character.

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