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One of the latest trends in the world of interior design: Grey tiles for floors and walls. Ceramic is suitable for covering surfaces and for the walls of living rooms and kitchens. Nowadays, you can discover that this tile is also perfect for the floors of other types of interiors such as bathrooms and reduced spaces.

Since the bathroom is a space in which we would like to feel comfortable, and there are a lot of grey tiles for the bathroom that suit each specific requirement. Thanks to modern designers, you will be interested to know that the new proposals for cladding and flooring will allow you to create charismatic combinations of tiles for bathrooms in dark tones or neutral tones such as grey. Get carried away by the most intense colors, adopt the most innovative textures and let your home suggest everything you have inside. From the sobriety of industrial inspiration to the penetrating nuances of savannah, modern manufacturers offer you a catalog of options that convey why your bathroom is so special.

Elegance And Sobriety In One Color

If you are looking for an elegant and neutral color for your bathroom, a color that combines luxury with the white of the toilets and with almost any other color that enhances the beauty of wood or metal, whether chrome or gold, then nothing beats gray, either in pastel shades or in darker shades, like granite. So there are several ideas to decorate your bathroom using Grey Bathroom Tiles, starting with the unfailing tiling with subway-style tiles, either on one or more walls, up to the ceiling, or halfway up. And for those who want to break with the goal without risking anything, gray in the bathroom is an elegant and unobtrusive option.

Gray Walls And Floors

Tile in gray to cover the walls and floor of the bathroom is an excellent choice, especially using the grey shower tile. Combine darker tones for the floor and lighter tones for the walls. Or put one of the walls in the foreground, usually, the wall of the furniture or the wall of the shower is chosen. The grey color in the bathroom offers a lot of scopes; you just have to let your imagination run wild.

Grey tiles in bathroom shades absorb a lot of light. Therefore, it is important that the lighting is appropriate. Anthracite gray or bluish-gray floors are elegant; they bring sobriety. On the walls, you can play with ceramics in different textures and sizes.

Combine The Grey Bathroom Tiles With Other Colors

Gray tile in the bathroom is an elegant and glamorous option. Moreover, it is a color that can be perfectly combined with other colors. Red, white, and mustard tones are very modern colors that make very attractive combinations in contrast to the gammas of gray. Accessories and accessories in bolder colors bring personality and freshness to the bathroom.

If the bathroom is not spacious, gray can also be an option. In this case, we advise you to choose pearl gray or cream shades. Bathroom tiles grey creates a feeling of spaciousness with the same elegance as large bathrooms.

The Grey Bathroom Tiles are an elegant proposal that also suits interior design styles such as minimalist or industrial style. It's a good option to escape from the classic white or beige. Besides, it is a color with which you can play with others and create a bathroom that reflects your personality.

Much more than the living room, bedroom, or dining room, the bathroom is one of the rooms in your home where you have more design freedom. In the bathroom, you have more freedom to experiment with colors, textures, and coating designs, especially because you can choose hundreds of models, color combinations, and textures among the available tiles to decorate your bathroom.

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