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6 Tips For Choosing The Right Bathroom Tile

If you are worried about getting caught up in the confusing world of tiles, here are some tips to help you get started. Today, with thousands of tiles in different colors, sizes, shapes and designs on the market, it is not surprising that many people are confused in choosing the right wall tiles for the bathroom, while this space is pre-made and needs to be renovated. Or they are trying to design a new space.

Fortunately, by keeping a few key points in mind, you will be able to narrow down your options and make your final choice much faster and more accurately.


1. Pay Attention To The Size Of The Tile

As soon as you enter any tile store, you will notice that there are many tiles in a range of sizes, from a few centimeters to a few meters.

It may seem unusual and unreasonable to use large tiles for a small bathroom or toilet, but this will make the tiled surface look more continuous and one-piece, and a more beautiful view than the fragmented surface and puzzle. Will associate the shape.

The use of small tiles creates more straps (lines between the tiles) and as a result they will need more maintenance and cleaning, especially in humid environments such as bathrooms, so weigh the sides and choose the right size tile for your bathroom wall.

2. Balance The Use Of Different Types Of Tiles

Most of the bathrooms you see today use several types and designs of tiles to show an integrated and cohesive view. It is recommended not to use more than 3 tile models when choosing tiles for your bathroom. Especially in small spaces, the use of tiles in various models, designs and colors, experience has proven that it will not look beautiful. So using less variety of models, colors and sizes of ceramic tiles for a space will be much more eye-catching.

3. Do Not Ignore The Texture And Design Of The Tile

Bathrooms and toilets need to be cleaned frequently and regularly. Shiny and polished tiles are much easier to clean. In these tiles, the risk of slipping and damage to the body is very high. According to these statements, it is better to use rough-textured tiles for service floors and bathrooms, and glossy tiles for walls.

4. If It Is Possible, Choose Tiles With Common Dimensions

Even if you are not very strict, small points such as dashes between tiles that do not fit together can irritate your memory and often even make it very difficult to install the tile. If you use several sizes of tiles for your bathroom, note that at least all the tiles have the same size side, or in other words, their size is proportional and complementary to make it easier to install and the final appearance of the work symmetry and maintain cohesion.

5. Don't Forget To Straps

Finally, after finishing the installation of your shower wall tile, make sure that it is closed (the materials used for washing and mortar are such that it is used in the gap between the tiles in order to ensure the creation of surfaces resistant to water penetration and pollution, as well as becoming more beautiful).

6. Bathroom White Tiles Are Great Choice

Bright colors can reflect light, making it the best choice for small windowless spaces. From a health point of view, these paints are more acceptable because they need to be cleaned regularly by showing dirt, so hygiene is always observed. White creates a stylish, clean and light-reflecting look, making small bathrooms a little bigger. It does not matter what the style of your bathroom is because this color shows itself well in all styles and never goes out of style. Depending on what white tones you use, the style of your bathroom decor will change. Another advantage of white is that you can easily set your favorite colors with it.

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